Tuesday, January 22, 2019

Cha'alt session report 2.1

Now, that I've been writing Cha'alt in earnest, one of the introductory dungeons is ready to go... and I just got done playtesting it with some gamers on Roll20.

Backers will get their hands on the playtest packet next week!

The session went well.  Things moved along nicely, with exploration, combat, and interaction all showcased.  Some treasure was found.  Bits and pieces of world-building occurred.  The wizard almost died, the fighter fought with a tentacle that game him a nasty disease, and at one point everyone thought death was definitely a strong possibility. 

But the players only scratched the surface of the complex beneath the City of the Purple Demon-Worm!  I look forward to next week... and GMing for the rest of you.

Only 12 days left to fund Cha'alt!



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