Friday, March 2, 2018

Proper Procedure

Wasn't sure how to word the title.  "Procedural" can describe a host of play styles, so perhaps "modern procedure" is what I'm railing against? 

Basically, I enjoy roleplaying through a situation or interacting with the game world as if I were my character and actually present in that fantasy realm or starship or loathsome cult's temple.

I know that skill checks and insight rolls are popular nowadays, but there's something awesome about living through your character, carefully skulking down the dark hallway and feeling around with your ten-foot pole. 

Reducing a conversation, room search, or investigation of an unknown substance to a die roll just seems to trivialize the importance of such things.  How can one immerse themselves in a particular genre if everything boils down to rolled dice and modifiers?  Even attacking monsters should occasionally have some narrative component, right?

I'd like to hear about your own experiences with this.  Did something during a game either bother or excite you?  Did you experience one end of the spectrum and it caused a reaction?  Comment with a story!


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