Thursday, February 22, 2018

D&D Adaptation

I was chatting with my friend +Alexander Macris earlier today and we got on the subject of the OSR and why that gargantuan resource seems to be relatively untapped by the greater 5e community.

From an outsider (and 43 year old dude) perspective, stumbling upon all the OSR has to offer would be like shooting at muskrat on your property and accidentally striking oil in your backyard!  Yes, I'm referencing The Beverly Hillbillies.  Old School!!!

But that just doesn't seem to be the case.  The O5R phenomenon I anticipated never really materialized, sadly.

As far as I know, 5e players either aren't aware of the OSR or don't care about it.  Do you guys think it's because D&D players aren't willing or don't know how to adapt similar-but-not-official material to their own games?  Lack of representation in retail outlets?  Aesthetic dissonance?  Something else?

I really want to hear from people - all walks of gamers - so definitely comment with your thoughts, please.



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