Saturday, January 27, 2018

LBGTQ in Alpha Blue

LBGTQ stuff happens all the time in Alpha Blue.  As the creator and frequent Bold Dungeon Space Master of the game, I know what goes on in that universe.  Gay stuff, bi-sexual stuff, transgender and non-binary stuff, even stuff there isn't a name for yet.  I've taken part in lots of homosexual encounters (men, women, and other) within the game.  Doesn't bother me.

Including all that stuff and creating a setting/RPG that demands such things, I can hardly be called a "homophobe."  And yet, here we are in 2018.  I bring up something unpleasant, impolite, potentially offensive, or unfair in a game's galaxy and the outrage brigade thinks all this is happening in real life.

I was recently informed that +Christopher Helton started a Facebook thread on his wall (scroll down to where he talks about Venger's old school gaming blog).

I like to think of myself as a neo-progressive.  I treat people the same.  Until I've actually interacted with them or experienced something they've created, all human beings are blank slates... some are white, black, gray, gay, straight, male, female.  I'm aware of stereotypes, biases, statistics, my own personal history, etc. But at the end of the day, everyone is at a zero-point, unless I know them or know something about them... at which point they go up or down in my "cool book."

That means I rip/bust on people for all sorts of reasons.  If there's a substantive difference in someone, I might call it out.  Just as I might mention a redhead being a redhead.  Doesn't mean I have some underlying hatred or fear of any group of people. 

Bad things sometimes happen in RPGs.  Good guys die, corrupt bureaucracies thrive, some vaginas have thorns... the point is that as a writer/designer/creative, I describe all sorts of things.  I don't condone all the things that happen in the games I make, the adventures I GM, etc. 

Was I really going to have gamers call each other "faggot" in one of the Battle Star Trilogy: Trek Wars scenarios?  Fuck no!  That part was just to get a rise out of SJWs and the Ctrl-Left that dominate a certain segment of our hobby/industry. 

However, am I still running with Snadq'ua: The Penis Showing Game?  Fuck yes!  The universe of Alpha Blue is a lot like our universe.  It's full of prejudice, virtue, vice, assholes, cool dudes/chicks, diverse cultures, and all sorts of individuals doing their own thing. 

As a spectator, you won't always high-five every aspect of the game.  Nor should you.  The Federation certainly doesn't deserve it, just as the haters in this universe can suck my balls every day of the week (and twice on S'yakwenz).

If it was up to them, I'm sure they'd try to ban Waiting..., Still Waiting..., The Police Academy movies, and pretty much anything awesome to ever come out of the 70's and 80's. 


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  1. " That part was just to get a rise out of SJWs and the Ctrl-Left that dominate a certain segment of our hobby/industry." That doesn't help your case.