Wednesday, July 5, 2017

How to write awesome RPG scenarios

A few weeks ago, I reviewed a big, fancy hardcover book full of lots of familiar and well-respected names in the RPG adventure writing field.

Personally, I was underwhelmed by it, for a variety of reasons.  But what really struck me was the lack of practical adventure writing advice.

So, the need for guidance, coupled with the fact that many fans of How to Game Master Like A Fucking Boss and Play Your Character Like A Fucking Boss suggested I write a similar book on crafting really great scenarios, fueled my drive to create Adventure Writing Like A Fucking Boss.

Little by little, in between my other writing deadlines and design work, I set down what I believe are the essentials.  Without further ado, here's Adventure Writing Like A Fucking Boss on DriveThruRPG.

Before I go, let me quote a gamer who had this to say about How to Game Master like a Fucking Boss...

"I've bought something like seven copies of your How to GM book, and I have enormous respect for your work. 

I got one for myself +PDF, then for my girlfriend at the time, then for my friend who runs a game, then like three more for my other friends who also run games, and then a couple more in case I ever made more friends. I give them as Christmas and birthday gifts. I call it The Bible. All of my friends with copies call it that too. It's good stuff."  ~  Jeff Tatum

Reading stuff like that, as well as, reviews all over the internet (keep 'em coming!) gives me enormous satisfaction and hope for the future of our beloved hobby.



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