Friday, October 21, 2016

Death Race: Fury Road

This being a Venger Satanis project, it's growing by leaps and bounds!  I assumed it would only be 5 or 6 pages, but I think it's going to double by the time this is all over.

Besides the d100 table (which racers will roll on three times), now there are other tables such as why are they racing?  Zakero came up with that one.

I'm working on a few others, like what is being wagered, an easy table for rolling saving throws, etc.

So, this is an exciting project.  I hope more suggestions are coming.  Personally, I'm trying to recycle and re-imagine ideas touched on in my previous books.  A little bit of Torth, the space station of love, Thule, the Purple Islands, etc.

The vagina whale sand worm gets a mention!

Thanks to everyone who has submitted content already!  We really appreciate it.  This is the google document where updates are made.  I'll be editing it all together between now and Wednesday.

If you prefer to submit ideas and suggestions via comment, that's also fine.  Go right ahead!

The above/right picture will be the cover.

Full disclosure: this will still be a stand-alone PDF and absolutely FREE.  However, because so much time, energy, and awesomeness is going into it, these pages will also appear at the end of Trinity of Awesome - the three scenarios Glynn Seal and I will be combining into a single print-on-demand softcover this winter.

I'll personally get more use out of Death Race: Fury Road if it's printed in an actual book.



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