Saturday, October 10, 2015

More Kort'thalis Publishing news!

Oliver Shead of Infected RPG kickstarter fame (over $26,000 in pledges!) interviewed me a few days back.  Here is the result!

Joel from Nemo's Lounge has graced me with another review, this time No Escape from New York is under the microscope.  Oh, and a last minute session report!

In other news, a few Madison, WI gamers helped out with the first Crimson Dragon Slayer commercial.  The video shoot only took two and a half hours of our time... but nine-tenths of our soul!

The astonishingly terrible footage is now in the capable hands of director/cameraman/editor Joshua Darlington.  It'll take him a couple weeks of sifting and winnowing before it's ready for youtube.


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