Monday, June 29, 2015

[KS] The Outer Presence

Yep, doing the kickstarter thing for The Outer Presence, my investigative horror scenario I wrote and playtested a couple months ago and have been slowly refining ever since.

But it's not just a scenario!  In addition, the PDF contains the barest bones of a "complete" RPG system *.  The core mechanic is very similar to Crimson Dragon Slayer, except even more simple than that game.  Definitely has an old school feel (both the adventure and rules).

Also, the rules can easily be discarded.  So, if you'd prefer to use The Outer Presence with another RPG, that's easy to do with a little conversion.  Conversely, you might fall in love with the system, using it with your next investigative horror campaign.

If you're into that kind of gaming, I hope you support this endeavor.  If you have questions, most likely they'll be answered on the KS page.  If you have more questions, comment below!


* As complete as a 5 page RPG can be.

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