Friday, July 25, 2014

The Sharquitogator!

You thought you were safe in the water, the sky, and the swamp?  Ha!  Turns out, you're screwed in all three, noble adventurer.  The Sharquitogator spells your doom (albeit, with some difficulty).


HD:  13
HP:  87
AC:  16 [3]
Attack Bonus:  +10
# of Attacks:  5
Damage: 1d4 x 2 (mosquito arms), 2d6 (shark fin), 3d6 + poison (mosquito stinger), and 4d8 (alligator bite)

Special Attacks:  Its poison reduces victims to a quivering mass of uncontrollable itching for 10 minutes or until healed by magic.  1 in 6 Sharquitogators are natural rogues (thieves), doing an additional 3d6 damage on any attack for which they have the element of surprise.

Special Defense:  Besides the ability to fly, the Sharquitogator has resistance to water damage (including drowning).  In large bodies of water, they make use of camouflage to hide from other predators.  A Sharquitogator can use its high intelligence and cunning to feign weakness in order to escape danger.

Treasure:  Found within their lair, these unnatural creature horde a plethora of gold, gemstones, and at least one magic item or weapon.

I did something similar with the Sharktipede.  Go ye, and unleash both of these aberration upon your unsuspecting players!


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