Saturday, November 23, 2013

D&D Ouija or RPG Witch-Board

I made this a week or two ago with a bass wood frame from Michael's, wood burner, "fruit wood" stain, and some satin sealer/varnish.  Oh yeah, last night I added some felt on the bottom (sticky on one side) so it wouldn't scratch my gaming table.

What the hell is it for?  Injecting additional random weirdness into my old school fantasy roleplaying!

How does it work?  Infrequently, the GM and players may roll in the dice tray full of infernal sigils.  If dice of a certain denomination, color, or resulting number lands on a particular symbol, then crazy stuff happen.

There's a sigil for sorcery, secrets, bloodshed, fortune, ruin, etc.  Kind of like Tarot cards... you never know exactly what you're going to get, if it's good or bad, or how that archetype/concept will be interpreted by the GM.  Of course, characters will probably have a unique reaction depending on contextual factors like environment, personality, history, class, level, etc.

As the video shows, I've only used it once, but that was enough to know that the D&D Ouija (or RPG Witch-Board, if you prefer) is an absolute game changer.  Folks on youtube have suggested using it for character creation as well.

Another picture...

Thanks for looking, reading, watching, and commenting.  I appreciate your feedback!


p.s.  These aren't too hard to replicate, but if you want your own custom D&D Ouija, let me know.  I make one for $70 plus shipping.

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