Sunday, October 20, 2013

LotDS Errata

"Errata" means minor fuck-ups, right?

An observant soul brought a few inconsistencies to my attention.  While I knew there would be some mistakes, I'm surprised these got through.  But I'm sure every publisher says that.  Anyways, let's dive in...

Concerning O6, the description doesn't jive with the map.  Originally, I intended the open central area of Level 5 to be on the 6th level.

Why AA6 isn't on the map is also a mystery.  There are extra rooms on Level 6, so I advise GMs to put AA6 on the lower right corner of the map.

The letter "H" was skipped in the map's H5, and then a few more letters than necessary were added on the 5th Level map.  Again, I attribute this to switching the 5th and 6th levels around last minute.  While LotDS was playtested and shown to curious individuals beforehand, some of the the latter content was added or heavily revised afterwards.  Definitely a bad move on my part and one that I've learned from.

Well, there it is.  Even though the dungeon below Clear Meadows is a shrine for chaos and the gods who revel in such things, I apologize for the inconsistencies.  Let me assure you that all modules going forward will be triple checked - not only by me, but a few vigilant gamers who volunteer to preview and playtest the manuscript before the printing process.


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