Thursday, June 27, 2013

Unexpected Encounters #4

It's been awhile since I've done one of these... an unexpected encounter, I mean.  DMs can't have too many strange interludes.

The visual came to me first and then I turned it over and over in my mind for a few weeks until I was up against the wall with little to nothing prepared an hour before the game.  Putting fingers to keyboard, I just started typing what I saw in my mind, filtered by campaign appropriateness.

The adventurers enter a room containing the giant stone head of a demon.  It looks as if it was attached to a statue at one point.  Judging from scale, the statue would have stood about 50' tall.  The demon's eyes are unbelievably large, exquisite gemstones worth about 30,000 gold pieces each.  The right a clear blue sapphire, the left a blood sapphire containing a crimson nebula.

Prying out the humongous jewels showed eye-socket holes large enough for a Halfling to fit through.  Within, curious adventurers see a scroll nestled around several thorny black vines.

It's not clear how the statue head got there, where it came from, or any other detail - other than what the DM desires.  The scroll contains the spell Ensoul which allows a magic-user to put the life force or soul of a sentient being into a gemstone.  The vines are monstrous and protect the scroll as if it were their child.  There's a 33% chance per demon eye that a soul has been magically placed inside.

When the scroll is touched by an adventurer, seven Skeleton Warriors are instantly summoned.  They attack the PCs on sight.  For an added element of danger, if any party member is prone or unconscious during combat, the Skeletons pounce upon that victim, tearing the flesh from his bones in a mindless frenzy.  This is an automatic hit for 15 points of damage.

Yeah, this little encounter got a PC killed when a vine (thorns and all) wrapped itself around his face, Hellraiser style, causing him to fall to the floor just before the undead appeared.

Hope you enjoy.  Be sure to add your own little details here and there for that personal touch.  If you use this in your game, please let me know the results.  Thanks!


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