Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Kickstart My Heart

Or, rather, kickstart my old school fantasy heartbreaker adventure and campaign guide.  That would have been an awfully long title.

Anyways, this blog post is here to serve multiple purposes...

Gathering intelligence - I want to know what you guys know about the whole Kickstarter thing.  Is there a standard baseline for funding?  What do you guys love and hate about these kinds of projects?

Notification - By the way, I'm seriously thinking about doing this.  Surprise!  You can't accomplish anything this big without support, so thanks to all those who support me and my vision.

Discussion - Starting a creative dialog with everyone out there who might be interested in running, playing, backing, or helping make this adventure and campaign guide presentable.

For those wondering, here's the gist.  It's an OSR dungeon crawl compatible with the original fantasy game and all those variations which came after.  Not sure if it qualifies as a Mega-Dungeon (there are currently 6 "levels").  There's a fair amount of rule options, DM suggestions, and setting material that goes along with the adventure.  Oh yeah, it's for kicking off a new campaign, an introductory adventure for 0 - 1st level characters... how far they progress by the end probably depends on the Dungeon Master and system used as much as trials faced within.

I want it to be as weird and interesting as possible while still retaining a passing resemblance to the fantasy worlds we all know and love.  Lovecraftian, science fantasy, and a bit gonzo!  It's called Liberation of the Demon Slayer.  The thing is about 95% written.  I'm adding the finishing touches now.  Already hired the front and back full color artwork.  Everything else will depend on how much funding can be raised using kickstarter.

Anything I'm forgetting?  Probably.  That's why I'm doing this blog post before I actually jump into this.  I appreciate all comments, suggestions, advice, support, etc.  Thank you!


p.s.  I appreciate all the feedback I've received so far.  Thank you!  Will gather more information, advice, and who knows... perhaps kickstarter is not the way to go, after all?  Expect a Liberation of the Demon Slayer update in a few days.

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