Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Things happen while they sleep

This is a random chart for things occurring while adventurers get some well-deserved shut eye.  Happy Swords & Wizardry appreciation day, everyone!

1.  A severed head is found in a PC's bedroll.
2.  One of the PC's items has been stolen.
3.  A new item has appeared, mixed in with a PC's pack of equipment.
4.  Dreams of underwater creatures tearing the organs out of the PC whilst an ebony face laughs.
5.  A PC wakes up with an alien organism hugging his face.
6.  Bite marks are discovered on a PC's neck... lycanthropy?
7.  A PC's blanket has been replaced with a totally different blanket - it's midnight blue and full of constellations.
8.  The magic-user's spells have been unexpectedly forgotten.
9.  A PC's memories have vanished.  Not all of them, but significant and recent memories.
10.  A letter was delivered into the middle of camp.
11.  A PC wakes up next to a strange woman.
12.  One of the PCs goes on a moonlit stroll - sleepwalking.
13.  An NPC's brains were sucked out in the middle of the night.
14.  Midnight showers - there's a sudden and heavy rainstorm in the middle of the night.
15.  Everyone wakes to a terrible sound.  One of the moons just exploded!  Seriously, it's cracked in half and now tidal waves, earthquakes, and volcanic eruptions are about to ravage the planet.
16.  A shooting star or meteor lands not too far away from the PC's camp.
17.  A sleep spell was cast upon the PCs while they slept and now they awaken just as night is about to fall.
18.  Some kind of demonic insect burrowed its way into a PC's abdomen.
19.  The PCs wake up in a prison cell.
20.  In the small hours, the PCs were transported to another world - Devil Lords ruling over their mortal slave-cattle in a realm of darkness.

Thanks for checking out my blog, everyone!  If you use this random table in your game, then please let me know.  I want to hear about your adventure.


p.s.  Tobie Abad was inspired to create his own "why they sleep" table.  Check his out because he came up with some awesome stuff!  If we had a couple more gamers in on this, we could forge a collaborative d100 "why they sleep" random table.  Who's in?

p.p.s.  Scott from Octopus Games created amazing list of 40.  Check them out!


  1. twas brillig in the slithy toves and Venger did write us an outgrabe list of plothooks and incidents for to roll...

  2. Great list to have! I hope you’ll take the time to increase it to an even larger list, perhaps a d3 to choose type of list, followed by a d%-list for even more random events.

  3. this is great! but a bit harsh - while they were sleeping table a worthy endeavor (better than my most recent post on dungeon latrines)