Monday, February 11, 2019

Zak S and #MeToo

Just before going to bed, I noticed a post on MeWe about Zak S. 

Normally, it would be about one of his books, since he is a good writer, and because by this time, I think a lot of people are tired of his drama, his attacks, his harassment, his arguments, his blocking people, his influence on such people as James Raggi and things like Lamentations of the Flame Princess.

It turns out that his former girlfriend just came forward with her story, corroborated with several other women, about Zak S' abuse, assault, and sheer awful behavior towards women.

Here is the public FaceBook post of Mandy Morbid.

Having been in conversations with Zak S, as well as, having lived in a hobby/industry where he parades around like the imaginary king of social justice and roleplaying, I 100% believe these women.  Zak S. absolutely seems capable of what's described.

I feel bad for those he's hurt.  I hope their recovery is swift and sure.

Authoritarians need to be recognized, confronted, and defused ASAP.  Don't wait.  Don't appease them, don't give into their demands, don't bend over backwards... just don't. 

I heard that Zak S. was a socialist.  Normally, this wouldn't be the time or place to mention this.  In fact, at any other time, self-identifying as a socialist would be a "Who cares?" moment, rather than a sub-section of this #MeToo moment.  However, with President Donald Trump coming out and saying that America will never be a socialist country in his State of the Union address, I think it's topical.

Socialism is based on government control. As government expands, that control broadens and strengthens. Power, especially when centralized like that, leads to horrific abuses. Like people being imprisoned and/or killed if they don't conform.  Of course, authoritarians like it when they're the ones in control.  They like to set everything in order - their order - that others have to follow... or else.

Well, I'll never lay down for tyranny.  I don't care if it's Zak S, a foreign power, "democratic" socialists (like Bernie Sanders and Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez) within our United States, SJWs, armed and masked SJWs (Antifa), or anyone else. 

The moment you try to force me to live by your arbitrary rules, against my self-interest, I know it's time to fight back.

Here's to fighting back against tyrants!


p.s. James, I expect a full retraction of your statement disavowing Jordan Peterson.  He's a goddamn Canadian treasure, and as you're probably aware, the world doesn't have many of those.  Treat him with the admiration and respect he deserves.


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  2. The form of socialism that the Democrats want will work this time because they will really really really treat everyone equal and those who disagree will be taught the error of their ways and everyone will be happy.

  3. Uggh, sad story. Hope she continues to get the help she needs and I hope Raggi can distance himself from Zak S. On a brighter note, I am looking forward to the next Inappropriate Characters.

  4. And Trump is not abusing his power and he's treating women with respect? Ah well... Didn't notice that.

    Anyway, I never cared for Zak S. I'm not sure what he wrote and I don't care either. If he did what he's accused of, grab him by the balls.

    1. Trump is freedom, healthcare for all people is slavery

    2. Stephen Crowder put up a youtube video the other day saying that Trump could be grabbing all of the pussies... but that "evil" wouldn't hold a candle to the Democrats' new legislation allowing 40 week abortions... even after the baby has been born!

  5. "He is a good writer." Maybe compared to a chimp.

    1. His writing ability aside I've never found the stuff Zak creates all that usable. Lots of mini-games to be used at the table. Obviously there area lot of folks that like that judging by his sales and such but I'm baffled by it.

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