Saturday, February 23, 2019

Stars Without Civility

UPDATE:  Apparently, that comment didn't come from Kevin Crawford of Sine Nomine Publishing, but some jackass impersonating him. 

Ok, this post is about Kevin Crawford [yeah, some other dude] throwing down on Prince of Nothing's Stars Without Number review.

Now, it would be hypocritical of me to say creators shouldn't rail against criticism.  I do it all the time (hope you're finally able to sit down without one of those donut-cushions, Bryce).  Some critiques are valuable, others are the opposite of that.

But I didn't really say anything too negative.  The whole comment section (just like the review itself) is basically a love-letter to Stars Without Number.

Here's what I wrote...

"Some of the tools do sound useful, but overall the system doesn't do it for me. You guys have fun!"

And this was Kevin Crawford's response...

"I considered honestly responding but then I realized that the greatest thing you ever produced was the shit that dribbled down your mother's leg while she birthed you."

Credit where credit is due, it's colorful.  But he comes across as a huge jerk.  At first, I assumed maybe it wasn't actually him, or that he was responding to another comment, instead of mine.

And is it just me, or does that sound... illogical?  How exactly am I producing the shit dribbling down my mother's leg while she birthed me?  If anything, that's a product of my mother or the birthing process in general.  I don't think I had any hand in producing the aforementioned dribbling shit.  Oh well.

Then I read another reply from a third party...

"That is definitely the real Kevin Crawford. Most people assume that he's pretty chill, but now you know."

I'm not sure why he was an asshole to me, it could be a variety of little slights which gamers imagine are terrible abuses towards the entire RPG community or whatever.

I'd trash talk him back if I knew more about his game.  Unfortunately, all I know is that it's OSR, scifi, really long at 300+ pages (kind of a deal-breaker for me right there), and extremely popular. Also, the whole Scream thing sound pretty awesome!

Regardless, I'm very proud of my creation, Alpha Blue.  Sure, its audience is a fraction of Kevin's, but it services a niche rarely talked about in RPG circles... rules-light, sleazy, scifi parody.

Alpha Blue has come a long way, boasting a dozen supplements, scenarios, and helpful tid-bits for the BDSM who's brave or insane enough to run something like that.  Check out what Kort'thalis Publishing offers.

To anyone who has a problem with me, what I produce, my mother, or any adjacent dribbling, please come forward, speak your mind.  Let's get it all out in the open. Private resentments, secret harassment campaigns, boycotting, and just bad blood in general - I've suffered through all of them and have come out stronger for it.

Ok, you know where to find me.  Have a great weekend, no matter how much of an asshole you are!  ;)


p.s. This week, I put up two Alpha Blue articles on Draconic Magazine
here and here.  Hope you enjoy them.


  1. I believe the Americans have a saying that fits this situation well: 'Haters gonna hate.'

  2. Wow, was there some other underlying situation with his crude response? Jealously? Intimidated? WTF.

  3. Speaking as the real Kevin Crawford, I hadn't even seen the review, let alone made the channish reply to Venger. It's understandable that someone unfamiliar with my online habits might think that the insult really came from me, but I never respond negatively to any opinion about my game, from anyone. Many of them might be entirely justified, and whether they are or not time spent answering them is time not spent productively.

    In any case, insults are bad business, since even the misprision of them can result in honestly-mistaken blogposts that I then have to tamp down.

    1. Thanks for clearing that up, Kevin. Guess I got bit by some of the FAKE NEWS that's going around. I'll post a correction here and clear that up in Prince's review. Congrats on the glowing review, BTW.

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