Sunday, January 10, 2016

Throwing Down the Space Gauntlet

[This challenge is off the table; however, this one is just getting started.]

Geek drama.  It happens.  Recently, I said some stuff and Erik from Tenkar's Tavern said some other stuff.  Apparently, both sides want to keep fighting...

However, I say we settle this like gamers.  +Erik Tenkar, I'm officially throwing down the space gauntlet in the form of a home-brew random table challenge!

The Rules

Each of us will create a new d12 table within one week - Sunday, January 17th at noon (central standard time).  Erik's random table will be suitable for White Star while mine (Venger's) will be for Alpha Blue.  Both suitable for old school, sci-fi, space opera adventuring!

The tables will be posted on my blog Sunday night and may also be posted at Tenkar's Tavern, if Erik wishes.

Winners and losers will be decided in the hearts and minds of all those who gaze upon our tables.  There's no prize or humiliating task to perform.  This is for personal honor and to, hopefully, bury the star axe before things escalate any further.

The tables will be judged on the following three merits:

  1. Science fiction simulation/emulation
  2. Awesomeness
  3. Usability 

If Erik refuses my challenge (which is a distinct possibility), someone else can take up his laser sword, fighting for Tenkar's Tavern via the White Star RPG.  To decide who may take his place, assuming Erik declines, I'll roll a d6 for the first six people to ask for the privilege in a comment below.

Erik, you have until midnight tomorrow - Monday, January 11th to accept my challenge or forfeit your chance to compete against me via the Alpha Blue RPG.  I'm sure you will be a worthy adversary.

Venger As'Nas Satanis
Kort'thalis Publishing High Priest

p.s.  Erik said this on his blog (as a reply to my comment)...

This is getting damn petty now, and I no intention of getting in a penis-measuring contest where you're setting the rules. If you want to do that, let's compare blog view counts or Alexa ranking. Or if you really want to compare White Star versus Alpha Blue, just compare sales numbers. Which one of them is a Gold seller again?

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