Wednesday, July 16, 2014

R&R and RPGs

It's all done.  The writing, the art, the maps, the construction and layout, the tables, the loot, the packaging, the trips to the post office.  Everything about publishing The Islands of Purple-Haunted Putrescence was finished a month ago.  While getting it onto DriveThruRPG was a challenge (Amazon was easy), that's done, too.  My Kickstarter duties have been discharged.  Yay!

What now...

Anyone who thinks I'm gonna jump back on the horse after that wild ride is motherfucking crazy!  No, I need a rest.  The batteries need to be recharged.  Otherwise, they burn out and I'll end up like some derelict designer talking to himself on the street with a little sign that reads, "There's a 1 in 6 chance you'll give me a dollar."

But it's not just about the R&R.  That might be good for the batteries but what about about growth?  How am I ever going to top myself, expand, evolve, reach for stars in a whole other galaxy if I just sit back and let the lazy wash over me?  No, I need to game different.

Here's some of the new stuff I ordered or plan on ordering over the next couple days...

  • Qelong
  • tremulus (with elder sign dice)
  • Fate Core *(with minimalist Fate dice)
  • Crawling under a Broken Moon
  • Crawl Jammer
  • Star Wars: Edge of the Empire core RPG (with silly ass dice)
Also, I bought 13th Age weeks ago and pre-ordered D&D 5e before that.  Plus, I purchased a couple books of weird tales revolving around Thomas Ligotti, one of my favorite authors.  Inspiration and just great, dread-filled reading.

When I'm going to have time to digest all of that, let alone run it, is anyone's guess.  I've got to try, though.  Promised myself I wouldn't start writing the next RPG related thing until October... though I believe I may already have a working title.  

Meanwhile, I'll keep blogging and if a stray idea hits me, I'll jot it down in a journal.  Will attempt to do some RPG reviews as well.

Finally, yet another round of thanks to everyone who supported Purple in one form or another.  Together we shall rule as They once did...


*  Why I haven't dived into Fate before today is kind of a mystery to me.  Maybe the stupid looking cover?

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