Thursday, May 30, 2013

Liberation of the Demon Slayer ~ update #3

Things are really coming along.  I've gone through and made everything easier to read/find.  Good organization will help make for a good layout.  When a DM is frantically scanning a few paragraphs for someone's name or magic item, he doesn't want a lot of clutter.

There's a balancing act between flavor and minimalistic details.  I don't want to bog down a room or NPC with lots of unnecessary information, but on the other hand I think it helps to have some background, as well as, a few contextual dashes of imagery so everyone at the table can "see" what is going on or who is being described.  I'm trying to find that balance.

A lot of great art is coming in.  The image to the right is from Silvia Gonzalez.  It's only a sketch of a female Dark Elf.  Can't wait to see the finished work.

You've seen two work-in-progress photos of the front cover (see the last two LotDS updates).  I have the final image, but am waiting to show it.  Perhaps I won't unveil it until the book is out...  Some fantastic interior artwork has reached my hands, too.  I'll be showcasing some of that in updates to come.

I found a map guy, although we haven't corresponded much.  Do other publishers find a backup person - an understudy if you will - to fill a role just in case the original person backs out or whatever?  I've been wondering that.  I contacted more artists than I needed because I knew a few would get busy with other projects, decide I wasn't paying enough, flake-out, etc.  Hopefully, I found the right ratio and the book doesn't have too much art or not enough (can it have too much?).

What else?  I'm running 2 LotDS events using the Dungeon Crawl Classics RPG as an engine at a local table-top gaming convention in Madison, WI.  It's called GameHole.  I'm excited about that.  Here's the link:

Oh yeah, Tim Snider has been kind enough to do a last light edit of the manuscript before we move too far into the publishing part of the process.  He's looking at the 99% completed version now.

Thanks for your support!  I really hope Liberation of the Demon Slayer is something that shines in the vast field of old school D&D type adventures.  Keep coming back for more updates.


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