Monday, March 23, 2020

Gaming at a Distance

After my rather bleak post the other day, I thought today I'd suggest something for virtual roleplaying.

Obviously, gaming online is going to be easier than face-to-face, what with the Coronavirus pandemic.  And it just so happens that I created the perfect rules-light, minimalist D&D hack.  The latest version of Crimson Dragon Slayer D20 Revised was uploaded a few weeks ago.

It's both old school and 5e compatible, plug and play arcade-mode for those quick and dirty pick-up games on Roll20, Fantasy Grounds, Discord, or wherever you guys are playing these days.

Send your players a link ahead of the game and they can read it all in less than 15 minutes, and make a PC in under 5.  It's absolutely FREE, so why not grab it, use it, share it?



p.s.  I'm currently taking order reservations for luxurious Cha'alt hardcovers.  Wisconsin has been officially locked down (non-essential travel verboten).  But when the self-quarantine is lifted, I'll send them all out.  $60 for USA residents and $85 for non-USA residents (shipping included in those prices).  I accept paypal at

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