Sunday, October 4, 2015

No Escape From New York

It's been an exciting week here at Kort'thalis Publishing!  Primarily because of my latest Kickstarter campaign (a wee bit NSFW) Alpha Blue.

So, I totally forgot to announce my latest mini-module / micro-campaign / short, stream of consciousness scenario called No Escape from New York (for use with Crimson Dragon Slayer or your OSR system of choice).  It's available here.

I wanted something a bit meatier and darker than Descent into the Candy Crypts.  You'll still get plenty of laughs and homage / parody / in-jokes, but there's an undercurrent of misanthropic sleaze as adventurers enter a parallel dimension of New York, circa 1983.


p.s.  Great work from Glynn Seal of +MonkeyBlood Design and illustrator Bojan Sucevic!

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