Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Now even Crimsoner!

There were a few typos, some errata, a couple missing map icons, a poorly worded magic item, an amusing thing that came out of my last CDS game, and a sentence that just stopped in the middle for no apparent reason.  But most of all, the rulebook needed a character sheet!  So, it was time for a little renovation.

Everything has been fixed.  If you already got it from DTRPG and they haven't emailed you the newly uploaded Crimson Dragon Slayer PDF (or it doesn't show up in your account/library), please let me know.

There's going to be a slight interruption getting the book back into print-on-demand circulation, but that, too, is at hand.  By the time I get back from vacation the second week of September, we should be back in business.  But until then, enjoy the new PDF!

Thanks to Glynn of +MonkeyBlood Design for doing such a bang up job in so short a time.  Nice!


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