Monday, May 12, 2014

Liger Zoids!

Where did it come from?  How does this thing even exist?  Who the fuck cares?

Yes, this is the perfect monster for your next dungeon or hex crawl.  Unexpected, formidable, and the perfect balance between totally cool and ridiculously stupid.  In a word... awesome!

Liger Zoids

Hit Dice:  15
Hit Points:  87
Armor Class:  20 [-1]
# of Attacks:  5
Attack Bonus:  +10
Damage:  2d6 x 2 (claws), 3d8 (bite), 4d6 x 2 (plasmatic-photon phasers)

Special:  It's a gigantic (unless you don't want it to be, GMs) mechanical tiger/lion hybrid programmed to mess shit up!  Being a machine, it's immune to all the things that a mechanical liger should.

Treasure:  Think of something badass and them multiply that by seven!

If you use it, let me know!


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